COSMO FANTAZMA is video project by Dariy Karyakin. This video is inspired by the futuristic sci-fi of the early 80s and 90s, and is a collection of the most beloved themes of the director – space, dance and a little bit of mystery. The musical track was created by GBY (Ireland), whose style is inspired by old video games and sounds of computers. Starring in lead role is dancer and choreographer Anastasiya Vorkunkova, who demonstrates a synthesis of different dance styles that show the personality of the mysterious Fantazma. It should be mentioned that throughout the long filming hours, Anastasiya could not see anything, since the character of Cosmo Fantazma does not have eyes.

From Anastasiya;”I always gladly participate in all sorts of creative projects. We worked with Dariy many times before, and I share his extraordinary creative views and perfection in everything he works on. Whatever we think of, I’m always confident that the result will be great no matter how much time it needs to take for the final draft of the video, which Dariy is striving to make. This project was exceptionally interesting for me, we carefully prepared for it, and throughout the entire filming, I was dancing with closed eyes – that was an entirely new experience. We hope that you will like our collaboration.”

From the Director; “I’m glad to present you my video project, Cosmo Fantazma. I must say, that the creation process was a unique experience for me, as I’ve never organized or made video of this scale before, but I love to challenge myself and go beyond the usual. Beginning of everything was the music, which inspired a picture and story in my head. The story with a mysterious COSMO FANTAZMA, is a kind of a tribute to the old sci-fi films, where a beautiful, seductive woman from outer space falls in love with the main character. With Fantazma, Anastasiya, I was confident immediately. One meeting was enough for us to find a common wave and create interesting moments. Sadly not all of the moments are in the final draft, but it opened horizons for new ideas. I must thank Emils, who helped me resolve the graphical questions I had no idea how to make, cameraman and assistant on filming day Daniil Zhilinsky, and my friends who supported me and COSMO FANTAZMA. Please enjoy!”

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